Plug & Play e-Commerce


Despite all the standards, it is difficult to integrate any e-commerce system from shop to fulfillment without requiring customization. The more systems, the more customization.

With KITE KoneX™ as your digital interpreter and universal connector, you can seamlessly link the most common systems together in no time to create your own unique e-commerce supply chain.

If you have non-standard systems, our experienced development team will provide a custom connection to KITE KoneX™. Then with a single custom integration you will have access to all the systems that KITE KoneX™ supports.

Standard available integrations

Partners in Innovation and Integration

KITE KoneX™ is provided by Innovation Kite. Innovation Kite is also a “Certified Development Partner” for some of Europe’s leading fulfillment companies and most used marketplaces. This allows us to offer knowledge and experience of state-of-the-art automated fulfillment services and multi-channel market access for your products across the entire e-commerce chain.

Rithum Multi Channel Integration

Integrate faster and seamlessly

KITE KoneX offers Plug & Play integration with the most commonly used ERP systems, inventory systems, fulfillment partners, and marketplace platforms.

Why KITE KoneX™?

For some webshop owners, who do not have the right IT knowledge in-house, it can be quite difficult to make the connection between their online store and a fulfillment system. The costs of making such an integration can add up and it can also be time-consuming.

What is KITE KoneX™?

KITE KoneX™ is a universal connector and digital interpreter to effortlessly link any e-commerce platform together without customization. This includes the most common webshop platforms, marketplaces, ERP, order management, and CRM systems. Where many other universal connectors stop at the possibilities of the webshop platform, our solution goes all the way to fulfillment and delivery and back again.

KITE KoneX™ benefits

With KITE KoneX™, it is easier for fulfillment companies at the end of the e-commerce chain to quickly connect with more e-commerce platforms for their services. For e-commerce platforms at the beginning of the chain, it is possible to set up a full and complete e-commerce supply chain with minimal customization.

"It KoneX Systems"

Effortless integration

A universal connector and digital translator, to effortlessly link any webshop platform to businesses across the entire e-commerce supply chain, and vice versa.


It is easy to create a custom integration tailored to your needs. The development team at Innovation Kite is available 24/7 to assist you.

Proven and trusted

KoneX has gained the trust of over 350 connected webshops from various major brands. Leading European fulfillment companies rely on our platform 24/7.

Complete e-commerce supply chain

Plug & Play integration with the most commonly used systems for ERP, CRM, inventory management, fulfillment, and order processing.


The most popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, LightSpeed, WooCommerce, can be easily connected using Plug & Play integration. For each connection, there are several data integrations available, such as Orders, Returns, etc.


With one integration, access the services of a rapidly expanding range of various local and international e-commerce parties, from webshop to fulfillment partner and vice versa.

Limitless compatibility

We easily and seamlessly connect all systems and parties across the entire e-commerce supply chain.

KITE KoneX™ for webshops

KITE KoneX™ offers your own universal service gateway, allowing you to easily Plug & Play with the most commonly used inventory and order systems, ERPs, and CRMs. You can also easily connect with marketplaces such as Channel Advisor, BOL, and Amazon, and gain direct access to the services of leading fulfillment partners in Europe and beyond. You focus on online sales, we focus on an efficient supply chain.

KITE KoneX™ for marketplaces

By offering even more n-to-m integrations as an intermediary in the e-commerce chain, you facilitate higher and more transaction volumes over your platform.

KITE KoneX™ for fulfillment companies

Connect more online stores and distributors faster. Lower the IT integration threshold for your end customers and save more time for a focus on internal IT and processes. Generate more revenue in less time.

KITE KoneX™ for e-commerce chain partners

With its own standard connection and integration to your specialized e-commerce system or service, you immediately reach a growing number of potential customers across Europe.